The idea and representation of what you see at 2South was birthed out of a history of connecting people, creating environment, and loving community. My wife Ami and I have had a dream for many years now to have a place where people can connect over a great glass of wine, while enjoying fabulous food and experiencing deep relationships and discovering new friendships.  We have realized over the years that it is hard to find a place where we have felt comfortable to go often and get great & consistent service, food, and atmosphere.

The Journey began quite a few years ago back in 2004. We felt like we needed to transition out of a non profit organization we had been involved in for 8 years at that time.  We were not dissatisfied, but just felt like we needed to change how we did life.  Instead of instructing and facilitating others experiences in an educational environment, We wanted to create a destination close to where people live where that could take place naturally in community. We realized that most times that happens while people take the time out of their day to Nourish themselves, and slowing down to also interact in the relationships of those around them.  

Creating that to its fullest means not having to worry about shopping, prepping and constructing a meal that satisfies.  It happens best when you can step in, sit down, relax and enjoy being served while unwinding from your day to day.

Our love centers around these components: Service, Wine, Food, Atmosphere, Relationships. 

Living your Dream is something that all of us long for, too many times our fears get in the way. To take that first step into actually making that Dream a reality and living it out can be a frightening process. We have had a dream to open a food and wine bar for quite a number of years now. In 2012 this dream is becoming an actual reality. We are incredibly blessed to have people in our lives who have believed in us and made it possible for what is now to become 2South Wine bar in Old Colorado City. We have many Passions surrounding this dream but just a few are: to connect people to community and to provide a place where people can come and enjoy, not only each other but great food and great wine. 

We are passionate about these simple things!