Ami & Rod Quass

Ami and Rod Quass are the shareholders and founders of 2South Wine Bar and Restaurant. They have been longtime players in the Colorado Springs community. Rod invested years in youth ministry, and Ami is part of the realty world. This is their first venture into food and beverage, and it has truly been a profound and wild ride. They have been married 21 years, and have two beautiful daughters, with whom they share a life full of laughter and genuine gratitude. Rod and Ami love great food and wine, the mountains, and being together at their favorite time of day, 7pm on a beautiful Colorado night. They have three French bulldogs, who frankly seem more like little pigs than dogs, and who make them laugh every single day. They have poured their hearts not only into the business of 2South, but also into the staff. They have entrusted their vision to each and every employee. They regard the 2South team as an extension of their own family. This is crucial, because 2South is a family business to its core, and creating it has been a labor of love. Customers have seen Rod bartending, Ami wearing an apron and washing dishes, and Rilee and Claire running food. Rod and Ami are true partners. Together they strive to create a strong sense of community wherever they work and live. Above all else, it is faith that has brought them success in business, life, and love. They feel privileged to be part of the 2South experience.



Beth & Jerry Paulison

Beth and Jerry are the most recent addition to the 2South family. They partnered up with Rod and Ami in September of 2014 to become co-owners. As business continues to boom at 2South, Jerry and Beth look forward to getting their hands dirty behind the scenes, and getting to know the faces of the devoted clientele. Beth is a lover of food and Nascar, and a barbie collector. She is the kind of woman who makes things happen. Jerry is a lifelong foodie from Jersey who still misses the ocean but who came to Colorado to lay down roots. One might say he's got a touch of ADD, or that he's a bit of a germophobe. About one thing there is no question: he is thrilled to be part of the 2South team. Jerry and Beth are looking forward to blazing trails with their partners and friends Ami and Rod. Look out Old Colorado City. 2South has doubled its horsepower!